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With our fully-automated reporting engine, it’s no wonder why auto dealerships across Canada love us. Turn your monthly financial statements into critical performance analytics that email themselves to the right people in just minutes.

No manual data sourcing and compiling. No building and maintaining your own report templates for each department. No manual emailing of reports to each of their intended users.

Just 3 clicks and a quick coffee break while it loads, and everything is done for you.

Up to 50 Pre-Built Reports Available.

Finex reports have been designed by, and for, automotive dealers and industry leaders over the past 20+ years. Installation and setup is managed by our team so that new clients can be up and running quickly, and can begin enjoying the benefits of Finex right from day one.

No need to be a programmer or an Excel Expert, as Finex is menu driven with extensive automation. Simply click a menu, and reports are packaged in a protected Excel document ready to send to any recipient.

Your month-end routine to process and distribute your monthly reports is done in just 15 minutes.

Investing in Finex will allow you to get reports into the hands of your managers early in the month, with time to take corrective action as needed.

A sample of the reports included:

Have a few reports you already love? We can do that, too.

Finex can also be a fast development platform for custom reporting and corporate side-by-side analysis across multiple stores. Remotely connect online with us for one-on-one training and support, and we will guide you through this new journey. Creative solutions are only a call away.


DMS Agnostic

Because Finex can work with any (or multiple) DMS vendors, you can enjoy access to consistent reporting as your organization grows and evolves. Changing DMS? No problem – Finex enables you to continue accessing your reporting without interruption and without any additional fees incurred. Is your Auto Group acquiring a new store that runs a different DMS than your current locations? Finex lets you add that store to your reporting package at a competitive rate, and your new store will have access to the same, consistently formatted reports that you currently use for your other locations.

Finex is designed for Automotive Dealers and Groups who use:

Using a DMS provider you don’t see here? Contact Us for more information, as we are continually updating our list of supported DMS vendors.

Finex Supports 25 Brands Across Canada

*Don’t see your brand listed here? Contact Us for more information, as we are continually updating our list of supported franchises.

More reasons you’ll love us:

Let us take care of the details, so you can take care of your bottom line. Ready to see it in action? Let’s book 30 minutes to give you a virtual tour.