Developers of Finex


Eclipse works with Finex to pick up your financial statement history in minutes, and together with built-in industry standards and data relationships, Eclipse generates a highly intelligent forecasting starting point for you to start from.

From there, managers can easily make adjustments and run scenarios while Eclipse records your work and balances your changes across the budget as you work. Eclipse provides a robust set of working tools while remaining simple and easy for any user to navigate – which means less time and effort doing budgeting, and better engagement levels from your team.


Flexible enough to work the way you do.

Tell Eclipse your department sales, expense, and gross goals to quickly produce a "what if" budget that can be adjusted until it’s just right. Or, enter your 12 month forecast by line, and let Eclipse update each month automatically based on your store’s historical seasonality.

Eclipse has many budget productivity tools and comes with pre-set and customizable relationships. For example, Eclipse knows the Salesman Compensation GP % of sales, so that the Compensation expense will be calculated automatically based on your retail vehicle sales. If the compensation plan changes, then the percentage can be altered.


Forecasting is a Team Effort.

Forecasting shouldn’t be painful or cumbersome, no matter how many people on your team contribute. When you’re ready to get your team’s insights, Eclipse allows you to share workable copies out to each team member, allowing them access to all the same tools for completing their department’s forecasts. When they send their copies back to you, Eclipse allows you to update & accept changes as needed before rolling all copies into your master, quickly & easily.

Once your budget has been completed, it can be exported into Finex to populate the forecast workbooks. Eclipse also offers many excellent budget reports, and integrates with Finex seamlessly.

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